A Kerrie Hess Masterclass Student Review

A Kerrie Hess Masterclass Student Review

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I am not joking when I say that one of the most common questions I receive on a daily basis is if the Kerrie Hess Master Class worth the investment, so decided to make a post with my honest thoughts. 

For an abridged version, this is my video made for Kerrie Hess. Read on for the full sob story the unabridged version below. 

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A bit about me and my journey with fashion illustration:

I have been a fan of Kerrie's work since her days on Blogger, and long before I even knew what fashion illustration even was. During my first year of uni, Mum gifted me her book Shoe String Chic, and I loved looking at the art so much the book eventually fell apart.

I was originally studying a Communications degree with a minor in world politics. I had goals of being an investigative journalist or war correspondent. I had always enjoyed art but had never been particularly good at it. 
Actually (if I'm honest) I was terrible. So bad in fact, my high school wouldn't let me study it past 5th form (Year 10). 

After a particularly rotten day at uni I found myself in the university book store where I found a book on fashion illustrators. It was a lightening bolt moment for me as I saw all these beautiful illustrations that weren't photorealistic or "perfect". It also clicked that Kerrie's work fell under this category. My mind was further blown when I realised that all the images I had saved from magazines (this was pre pinterest days) were fashion illustrations. I bought some art supplies from the $2 shop and started sketching in my spare time. 

I never ended up finishing my degree. My dad suddenly passed away from cancer, followed by my own cancer scares, a divorce, and some very low points in my my health (my 20's sucked). I ended up studying historical costuming, but a year into the degree I got pregnant with my son and realised I enjoyed sketching the costumes rather than making them - but still didn't know this was a career path.

It wasn't until Bran was 2 and my sketches stopped looking like stickmen that I got the courage to share my art with friends an family. After a few months I sold my first art print and got my first commission. So when Kerrie announced her first intake in 2019 I jumped at the chance, and I am so glad I did. 

Why I wanted to join



I wanted to add watercolour elements to my illustrations. Shop Lake Como print HERE

Other than being a KH fan, my reasons for joining was actually to improve my digital art. This might sound silly, but the best way to get a particular look in digital art is to "paint" how you would in real life, and I really wanted to add watercolour elements to my art. Just over 2 years ago I was also not confidant using colour, and still had a lot to learn with drawing. 

I also really wanted to learn watercolour as a way to actively relax and unwind, and its very hard to do this when you don't know the basic techniques (and fustrating).

Fashion illustration of lady in black dress sitting on giant colourful macarons

My art for Cordis Hotel Auckland using techniques I learned in the KH Masterclass lesson on Macarons

Do you need to know how to draw?
No. While it can be useful to know how to draw, Kerrie provides templates of everything she teaches. I used the templates at first so I could dive straight in to learning to paint before branching out to create my own works. Any one with any skill level can do this course. Kerrie aims to bring you to an intermediate level with watercolour and acrylic, or for more seasoned artists she offers you the chance to really refine your level.

Will I learn to paint exactly like Kerrie?
Yes and no. What I love about this course is Kerrie really encourages you to find your own artistic style - your ‘artistic handwriting’ as she calls it, so while you learn her process and basic watercolour and acrylic techniques she does not focus on how to get her look 100%. The course is in video format, so you will see her techniques in action rather than her explaining her technique in extreme detail. If you already have knowledge of watercolour and acrylic, you will pick up a lot more of her artistic techniques. I really enjoyed learning to work with black watercolour during the Chanel bag lesson.

How is the course structured?
The course is designed to be done over 12 weeks, with a module per week. The course is delivered in video format so you can go at your own pace. I took a bit more Than 12 weeks to finish everything. At the time of writing this review, you get lifetime access to all course videos and material. Each module teaches you slightly new skills and techniques with a very fashion focus. My personal favourites included cafe scenes, gowns, and the lesson on painting dessert icons.

3 watercolour iceblocks in sunset colours
I like to relax and unwind by painting desserts and sweet treats. 

Do you get personal attention from Kerrie?
Over the 12 weeks Kerrie did regular live chats exclusively for course members to discuss any questions. There is also an exclusive Facebook group where she is available to offer advice, tips, and tricks with your art. While the attention is not as frequent outside of the course, Kerrie is always responds to any art you post or questions you have. I really appreciated this, and found my art really improved thanks to her advice. There have also been a few opportunities to meet Kerrie and her studio manager Grace for dinners, but living in NZ and Covid flight restrictions I was not able partake in this - I can’t wait to do this in the future though.

What happens after the course?
Upon completion of the course you get a beautiful certificate. Kerrie stays in touch with her students, and often shares everyone’s art work across her different social media channels.

Who is this course designed for?
A better answer is probably who this course is not for. I truly believe that anyone regardless of experience level will benefit from this course. If you are wanting to learn a skill outside of watercolour or acrylic (Like Copic markers), or intensive sketching lessons you may not find it as beneficial. It is important to note that while there is a module that includes a fashion figure, you don’t really learn how to draw fashion figures - this is covered in depth in the advanced master course (also worth doing). If you struggle with video lessons, and prefer having fully written guided instructions or intensive lessons, this will not be the right course.

It should also go without saying, but if you don’t like the fashion world, you won’t enjoy the content as much too 😂 but the skills are applicable to any subject matter.

If you want to see what Kerrie’s teaching styles are like she offers a few free mini courses here.

If you love Paris, the world of fashion, and want to really sharpen your artistic skills or learn new ones - you will absolutely love this course and I encourage you to join with me! I re do the course every time Kerrie open up a new intake and learn new things each time.

Kerrie says she created this course because “this is the course I wish existed when I started out as a painter”. I am so grateful she did as I was starting out, because in two years this course has helped skyrocket my career under her guidance. I have worked some amazing brands, and met some truly wonderful people through her course, and some so proud and privileged to have Kerrie as a mentor.

Fashion Illustrator Stacey Rose painting surrounded by art supplies

You can sign up to the join here*. I can’t wait to see you in the group and paint alongside you.

Stacey Rose 


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