Stacey Rose is a self taught illustrator and artist from Auckland, New Zealand. After failing art in highschool, she never considered the creative arts as a career until she found a book on fashion illustration and taught her self how to draw.

Whilst on maternity leave, Stacey started sharing her art online and selling her sketches on Etsy. After completing a course by fashion illustration royalty Kerrie Hess, Stacey knew she had found her path, and with a leap of faith decided not to return to the corporate world.

Stacey has since worked and collaborated with a number of esteemed brands and individuals, creating illustrations and art in her signature sleek yet whimsical style. 

Behind the art

Stacey's illustrations inhabit an idealised world, where gloss and glamour reside alongside an endless good time. She likes to work with traditional media such as gouache , watercolour, and ink - often combining all three with digital.