Born in New Zealand, Stacey Rose moved to Middle East, travelled the world, and lived in Dubai, Australia, and Auckland (and a cruise ship for a few months) all by the age of 18. These early adventures fostered her love of fashion,travel, and art but it wasn’t until her late 20’s that she picked up the paint brushes and taught herself how to draw (Stacey was so bad at art in highschool, they wouldn’t let her study it), gaining traction in her 30’s.

She has since had the privilege of illustrating for and collaborating with clients including Karen Murrell Lipsticks, The Hilton, The Luxury Network, Dark Hamptons, Miller Road Fragrances and more. 

Stacey believes that art is fun and for everyone, and is an advocate for creative careers.

When she isn’t illustrating, you can find Stacey trackside at a Fashion-On-The-Field, or spending time with her family and two dogs.